Silver Leaf SWPPP

Erosion & Sediment Control Done Right

Start to Finish SWPPP for your Project Needs

While SWPPP management may be seen as a nuisance in your overall plan, local stormwater regulations can create significant issues which could cost you time & money.  Silver Leaf SWPPP has an extensive history of effectively managing construction site stormwater needs.


  • Professionally produced, electronic SWPPP's     

  • Best management practices that are great for the site & the environment

  • Trained & certified inspectors that can assess potential risks or threats   

  • Latest technology to keep us ahead & efficient                                        

  • Customized BMP's to match each site's specifications 

Our Focus is You

Commercial / Residential Land Developers & Owners ____________________________________


General Contractors & Excavators

  • Pre-SWPPP walkthrough & Pre-Con meeting

  • Consultation with your Project Manager or Superintendent 

  • Discuss the key components of your projected schedule

  • Gather appropriate maps & civil plans

  • Complete SWPPP permitting documents, filings, & notifications on your behalf

Our goal in collaboration with you is the preparation of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan that makes sense & protects your interests as well as the environment's. 

Experience Silver Leaf SWPPP

Touchscreen Computer

One Stop Service Provider

Turnkey services help prevent having more subcontractors than necessary. 

Documentation & Research

Identify jurisdiction, receiving waters, & any impairments.

Compliance Record Keeping

Weekly or Bi-Weekly inspections by certified SWPPP inspectors through an online database.


Compliance status is communicated with the site contact after each inspection.

Lower Costs

Utilize high quality BMP's to reduce maintenance cost.


  • CISEC - Certified Inspector of Sediment & Erosion Control

  • RSI - Registered Stormwater Inspector

  • CPESC - Certified Professional in Erosion & Sediment Control

  • RSR - Registered SWPPP Reviewer

  • ECS - UDOT Environmental Control Supervisor

What People are Saying

"The work these guys do is top notch.  We are very pleased with their good work and responding quickly to us.  Thank you!"

"The best there is! We always use Silver Leaf for our SWPPP needs. Fast, efficient, and best of all - they are extremely professional. "

"These guys truly do all they can to help keep construction sites clean and compliant.  It's been an incredible experience working for this amazing team!  The future is extremely bright for Silver Leaf SWPPP.  Thank you."

Shellee Clements

Ryan Hunter

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