• Utah’s Top Stormwater Management Company

    Silver Leaf SWPPP has an extensive history of effectively managing construction stormwater pollution prevention plans. Work with Silver Leaf for all of your SWPPP, dewatering, and street sweeping needs and take the worry out of stormwater pollution prevention.
  • TurnKey SWPPP Service for your project needs

    Local, state and federal rules about stormwater management can be complex and time-consuming. The best way to ensure that you stay in compliance with these laws is to put your trust in the area’s top stormwater management company — Silver Leaf.
  • Construction Dewatering Services

    Dewatering is critical for construction sites when groundwater is encountered during excavations. Avoid flooding, delays, hazardous conditions, and damage to resources by working with Silver Leaf SWPPP.
  • Thorough Street Sweeping Services

    Protect the local waterways by being proactive with our scheduled street sweeping services. Silver Leaf SWPPP is thorough, affordable and helps you stay in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Utah Department of Environmental Quality.
Silver Leaf SWPPP can help you eliminate the need for additional subtractors with our Turnkey Services. All personnel that you need will come through us, negating the need for extra expenses and more people to manage. We specialize in starting your project in development through vertical construction and completion.

Our Focus Is You

Our clients rely on our expertise in SWPPP to stay in compliance with regulations. Because construction stormwater pollution prevention plans are so detailed and complex, they can be difficult for a layman to understand and navigate. Yet, a mistake with stormwater planning could cost you dearly in the form of fines and work stoppages. Silver Leaf ensures you have a construction stormwater general permit and that workers and contractors are using best management practices and erosion control techniques to prevent pollutants from entering the local water supply.

We develop and put a stormwater management plan in place for you, and our stormwater inspectors ensure it is being followed correctly. Work with Silver Leaf and take the worry out of construction stormwater pollution prevention plans.

We have a comprehensive, streamlined process refined over 12 years to provide your construction site with:
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An Engineered StormWater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) 
State and Local Permits - Initial, Ongoing and Termination 
Installation and Maintenance of BMP's

Commercial / Residential Land Developers & Owners

General Contractors & Excavators

We prepare construction stormwater pollution prevention plans that protect your interests as well as the environment’s. We do this by following a series of important stormwater planning steps with each client:

empty ground near lake

Pre-SWPPP walkthrough & 
Pre-Con meeting

excavator on construction site

Discuss the key components of your projected schedule

construction engineer architect and worker looking building model

Consultation with your Project Manager or Superintendent

construction of a multi-storey building

Gather appropriate maps & civil plans

Two business man construction site engineer

Complete SWPPP permitting documents, filings, & notifications on your behalf

Our goal in collaboration with you is the preparation of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan that makes sense & protects your interests as well as the environment's.

Turnkey Packages

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Long -Term StormWater Management Plan (LTSMP) and Post - Construction Inspections

Two business man construction site engineer

Site Mediation with Local MS4, State and Federal Audit's to Mitigate Risk and Liability 

woman holding a tablet while checking about Stormwater pollution prevention plans

Electronic Document and Reporting


Experience Silver 

One-Stop Stormwater Planning Service Provider
Our turnkey SWPPP services save you time and effort because you don’t have to hire different contractors for these services.
Documentation & Research
Our stormwater management system plans include identifying your jurisdiction, receiving waters, & any impairments.
Compliance Record-Keeping
We provide weekly or bi-weekly inspections by certified SWPPP inspectors through an online database.
We communicate your compliance status with the site contactafter each SWPPP construction inspection.
Lower Costs
Our SWPPP experience allows us to create high-quality BMPs to reduce stormwater planning maintenance costs.
CISEC — Certified Inspector of Sediment & Erosion Control
RSI — Registered Stormwater Inspector
CPESC — Certified Professional in Erosion & Sediment Control
RSR — Registered SWPPP Reviewer
ECS — UDOT Environmental Control Supervisor


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