Silver Leaf SWPPP offers construction dewatering services to contractors in Utah. Construction Dewatering is a critical service on construction sites when groundwater is encountered during excavations. Groundwater can negatively impact a construction site with flooding, schedule delays, hazardous working conditions, and damage to resources. Silver Leaf SWPPP offers turnkey dewatering services with permitting, design, implementation, dewatering, testing, and reporting. 

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Turnkey Services

Silver Leaf SWPPP takes pride in a high level of service to our clients. Our dewatering team will handle the dewatering project from start to finish. We have two primary goals when hired on a dewatering project. 

  1. Keep the client on schedule. This requires us to keep the site dry so the client can continue working. 
  2. Meet the water quality standards required by the State of Utah. All water being discharged from the site will meet the State’s requirements. 
Dewatering team doing Stormwater pollution prevention plan actions
dewatering projects covered by SWPPP Company

There are many types of dewatering projects. Silver Leaf SWPPP has experience with the following types of dewatering: 

  • Commercial Foundations
  • Utility Excavations
  • GeoPier Installation 
  • Concrete Hydro-demolition
  • Wheel Wash Stations
  • Contaminated Groundwater
  • Stream Diversion Projects
  • Sampling for Deep Well Drilling
  • Permanent Dewatering (Sump) systems
  • Residential Dewatering for basements or crawl spaces


Silver Leaf SWPPP will ensure that your dewatering project has the proper permits with the State of Utah and local governments. Water that is discharged from a construction site requires additional permits. Failure to obtain a permit can result in stop work notices and penalties. With Silver Leaf SWPPP we will obtain the correct permits and work with government agencies, who we’ve developed relationships with through hundreds of projects. We offer the following dewatering permit services. 

  • Construction Dewatering and Hydrostatic Testing UTG070000
  • Treated Groundwater Permit (contaminated groundwater) UTG790000
  • Stream Alteration Permit with Army Corps of Engineers and Utah Division of Water Rights
dewatering process for Stormwater pollution prevention
erosion control techniques SWPPP

Sampling and Reports

All Silver Leaf SWPPP dewatering projects are sampled weekly to ensure water quality standards are met. Our trained staff will collect samples, deliver them to the laboratories and write reports to the State for the duration of the project. The records are kept in our stormwater software and made readily available to the client and government agencies. 

Additional Resources

For more information about our dewatering services, please contact our Special Projects Manager, Taylor Currier at


Click here for more information on the state stream alteration program.

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