Regular SWPPP inspections are an integral part of fulfilling your SWPPP obligations as a site manager or construction company. Performing SWPPP inspections correctly and at the right intervals is critical to staying in compliance. Rely on the experienced stormwater planning team at Silver Leaf SWPPP for your inspections.
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Why Do I Need a SWPPP Inspector?

Stormwater pollution prevention plans are in place to protect people, animals, birds, fish and plants from contamination from construction sites. Each plan is unique and specific. But developing the plan is only one step in the process. Once your plan is in place, you must ensure that your crew is following the rules you have made.

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In some states, contractors can act as their own SWPPP inspectors, or they can hire a “qualified” third party, although what makes them qualified is not always spelled out. You can see how this might present a conflict of interest. In Utah, SWPPP inspectors must have SWPPP certification. To become a registered stormwater inspector, you must take a course, pass a test and successfully perform 10 SWPPP inspections. SWPPP certifications are good for two years.

SWPPP Inspectors Are Your Friends

As a construction manager or developer, you may find SWPPP compliance irritating because you must put time and money into complying with state and federal regulations. You may not even believe the rules put in place are important. Regardless, if you do not follow them, your project could be shut down and your company fined.

For that reason, working with a trusted and knowledgeable stormwater management company is helpful, because they work to ensure those unfortunate penalties do not befall you.

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At Silver Leaf SWPPP, we are certified and have many years of experience in compliance for SWPPP construction projects. We help you create and implement your construction stormwater pollution prevention plan, then we help you enforce it.

Regulations say inspections should be done every one or two weeks, depending upon a particular set of variables, and after heavy rainstorms. If, at this time, our inspection shows that some contaminants from your site are polluting the water, you will know that you need to find out why and correct the issue. Without a SWPPP inspector, you would not know about the stormwater planning violations and may otherwise continue to repeat them, putting your project at risk.

Trust Silver Leaf SWPPP

When you work with Silver Leaf SWPPP, we do thorough inspections and record the results online, so you are able to view them at any time to confirm information or instructions. If you need to correct a process or implement a change, we ask that you share this data with us so we can include it in your records. This is critical, should the state DEQ or federal EPA become involved in your SWPPP construction project. You need to prove you had the inspections done, were aware of the problems and took action to remedy them. We retain these records for you for three years after the completion of your SWPPP construction project.

Get your stormwater inspector from Silver Leaf SWPPP.
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We Work For You

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Silver Leaf SWPPP inspectors will certify & follow all Federal, State, & local regulations/requirements for SWPPP inspections & documentation. Our stormwater inspectors will be trained, qualified, & certified.
Inspectors will complete a thorough weekly or bi-weekly inspection as required by governing regulations. These inspections will be performed through an online database system.
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What's included:

SWPPP implementation
Permit management
Map updating
Certification records management
Inspection report updates
Action item document management
Communicating needed action items.
Inspections & all other site documents are readily available for designated superintendents & project managers.​
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Site records are retained in the database for 3 years following the completion of your project.

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