As a construction firm or developer, you likely know that your SWPPP will outline stormwater management best practices for you to follow throughout the duration of your project. While many in the industry are familiar with erosion control blankets and silt fences, not everyone has had to include street sweeping in their SWPPP. If your Utah SWPPP includes street sweeping, call Silver Leaf SWPPP. Our street sweeping services are thorough, affordable and help you stay in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Utah Department of Environmental Quality.
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We Utilize top of the line Tymco 600 Sweeper-Vacuum Trucks on all job sites.
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Street Sweeping vehicle as part of Stormwater pollution prevention plansStreet Sweeping vehicle as part of Stormwater pollution prevention plans

Why Is Street Sweeping Included in My SWPPP?

The goal of all SWPPPs is to prevent pollutants from entering local waterways, where they may harm or kill plants, fish and birds. One of the most common pollutants in Utah is silt. Silt is a frequent byproduct that results from disturbing turf as part of a construction project. The silt can find its way out to the roadway via several paths.
First, rain can wash silt into the street and down storm drains. Silt can also be blown away from your construction site by the wind or be carried into the street on the wheels of vehicles entering and exiting the site.

Silt collecting in the roadway is an environmental hazard, and its an annoyance to neighbors — two scenarios you want to avoid at all costs. Therefore, you may want to contract for street sweeping services even if your SWPPP doesn’t specifically call for it.
Street Sweeping vehicle as part of Stormwater pollution prevention plansStreet Sweeping vehicle as part of Stormwater pollution prevention plans

What Kinds of Street Sweeping Services Do You Offer?

1. Scheduled Street Sweeping
If your SWPPP calls for street sweeping on a certain schedule — say once a week or twice a month — we can take care of this chore for you.
2. BMP Street Sweeping
Stormwater management best practices may call for street sweeping only in certain circumstances, such as after a period of high winds, or you may want to schedule street sweeping when you notice you have an issue.
3. One-Time Street Sweeping
We offer single street sweeping services as well, whether you need us to clean up at the conclusion of your project or after you install erosion control products.

Thorough Street Sweeping Services

At Silver Leaf SWPPP, we use Tymco 600 Sweeper Vacuum trucks to do all our street sweeping jobs. These powerful vehicles are equipped with heavy-duty brushes that can easily reach into all the crevices at the edges of streets, leaving no silt or dirt behind. The brushes rotate to push the dirt off the street and the vacuum quickly sucks it in before it can get into the air. These trucks are also equipped with sprayers to help keep the dust down.

When you need street sweeping services to satisfy your SWPPP in Utah, for sediment erosion control purposes, to fulfill stormwater management best practices, as part of a post-construction stormwater management plan or for any other reasons, contact Silver Leaf SWPPP today.
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