Many construction projects in Utah need a construction stormwater pollution prevention plan — it’s the law. Silver Leaf SWPPP is a top stormwater management company that assists construction companies building residential developments, commercial or industrial buildings, play fields and other structures by helping them get their construction stormwater general permit, create a SWPPP plan and manage the stormwater planning process.

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Why Do You Need a Construction Stormwater General Permit?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Utah Department of Environmental Quality both have regulations regarding stormwater runoff from construction sites. These rules and regulations were created to protect the local water supply. Without SWPPP regulations, contaminants could be washed from construction sites into storm drains, poisoning the drinking water supply as well as the environment, affecting animals, birds, fish, reptiles and insects.

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Mostly everyone is aware of the far-reaching and devastating results of the Flint water crisis when the municipality began using water from a contaminated river to pipe into residents’ homes for drinking, cooking, and bathing.. Thousands of children suffered lead poisoning while many adults became sick and some even died. Modern, well-functioning societies need access to safe water, and they need to trust their government that the water it provides is safe. At Silver Leaf SWPPP, it is our job to help companies avoid contaminating the water during the construction phase of their projects.

What Does Creating a Stormwater Pollution Protection Plan Entail?

State and federal environmental regulators want to prevent contaminants from construction sites from entering the water supply. In order to achieve this goal, construction companies and builders must have a plan in place to protect the water supply.

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This might include implementing erosion control methods such as installing erosion control blankets or wattles, and having regulations in place to properly clean your site at the end of each workday. That includes picking up trash and debris, but it may also include proper storage of certain materials such as chemicals, pesticides, oil and grease. 

While it is not against regulations for companies to create their own SWPPP construction plans, it is risky, because compliance can be difficult due to the complexity of EPA rules. That’s why so many companies depend on Silver Leaf SWPPP.

Why Do I Need Electronic SWPPP Documentation?

While printed paper SWPPP plans are legitimate, they are much less convenient than electronic SWPPP plans. You may wish to retain a paper copy of your original SWPPP construction plan for your files, but having the plan accessible on all your devices at all times is safer.

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Further, SWPPP inspectors will need to perform regular inspections on your site to check for compliance levels. Having these reports in an electronic format is preferable for many reasons including being able to prove that you have been doing your due diligence to stay in compliance should any unintended violations ever be found. This can help reduce the chances that you will be fined or work will be stopped.

When you work with Silver Leaf SWPPP, you can rest easy knowing you have complete access to electronic SWPPP documentation 24/7.

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