When you complete your construction stormwater pollution prevention plan, whether you use a stormwater management company or you attempt to do it on your own, you need a plan to implement best management practices. Silver Leaf SWPPP offers BMP installation and management solutions to construction companies and developers throughout Utah.

In the SWPPP industry, there are many accepted erosion control solutions. However, not every one is right for every project. Many variables come into play with erosion control, and it’s useful to have an erosion control company like such as Silver Leaf on hand to help you select the BMPs for your project.

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What Are SWPPP BMPs?

For your SWPPP construction project, you will want a checklist of goals you want to meet to stay in compliance with SWPPP. These may include preventing erosion of the soil at your site, limiting the presence of chemicals and other contaminants, and keeping remediation supplies on hand in case of an accident or spill.

Silver Leaf SWPPP can help you create this list as well as implement the BMPs you need to achieve your goals.

Straw wattle staked to bottom of freshly planted slope covered with BMP installation and management solutions
BMP installation and management solutions for erosion control

Examples of erosion control solutions, for instance, are the installation of erosion control blankets and wattles. The success of the method chosen often depends on several factors, one of which is slope of the land and the presence of vegetation. Installation is also critical. Improperly installed erosion control solutions often offer little in the way of protecting the area’s stormwater.

Another SWPPP BMP is the installation of inlet filtration systems. This solution is usually implemented by an erosion control company only as a backup to other, secure erosion control solutions. Inlet filtration systems are installed underneath drain grates, and if they fail, there is nothing beyond them to prevent the pollution from entering the water supply.

Moreover, inlet filtration systems that are not vigorously monitored can cause more trouble than they solve, with storm drains quickly and easily becoming clogged, causing flooding and other problems.

Other methods of preventing contaminants from entering storm drains include using sandbags, flood barriers, filter socks, gutter guards, berms and barriers.

Each of these methods targets a different issue, so it’s a BMP to use an experienced SWPPP company to help you decide what erosion control solutions you need to stay in compliance with state and federal regs.

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BMPs — Don’t Set ’Em and Forget ’Em

There is no erosion control solution or stormwater management plan that does not require vigilance and regular visits from a SWPPP inspector. Rain is unpredictable, and it is likely we have all seen what are supposed to be protective berms and barriers that have washed out of place and can be found laying in a pool of dirty water.

BMPs require regular work and adjustments on behalf of your crew so your implementations continue to do the job you intended them to do.

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To learn more about SWPPP BMP installation and maintenance, talk to a Silver Leaf SWPPP inspector today.

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